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Clay Beads

White Clay Beads with Pearl & Rhinestones, 16mm, ZY

White Clay Beads with Pearl & Rhinestones, 16mm, ZY

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These are pretty beads for making jewelry and crafts. They are 16mm big and have a white clay bead with a shiny pearl in the middle and clear stones around the pearl.

Bracelets, necklaces, keychains and more without chipping or cracking

The White Clay Beads with Pearls & Rhinestones , 16mm , ZY base provides a neutral backdrop that allows the pearls and rhinestones to shine. These beads are made of clay that is soft and strong. You can use these beads for bracelets, necklaces, keychains and more. They will not break or split. Many people like to make white clay bead bracelets with these beads. They look very nice. You can also use these beads for cards, fabrics, wreaths and more. You just need to glue them well.

White clay beads for wedding and birthdays

These beads have fake pearls in the middle that look like big pearls you can eat on cakes and cupcakes. People who make sugar art like to use big sugar pearls and pearl sprinkles for cake to make them look nice for special days like weddings and birthdays.  While the faux pearl centers on White Clay Beads with Pearls and Rhinestones , 16 mm , ZY beads look good enough to eat, they are best admired for their beauty rather than taste. Searching online for edible pearls for cake decorating near me would reveal local shops that sell actual pearl sprinkles for cupcakes suitable for consumption.

Components for crafters

Overall, White Clay Beads with Pearl & Rhinestones, 16mm, ZY are must-have components for crafters who appreciate fine details that elevate ordinary materials into extraordinary designs.These beads have shiny pearls and stones with white clay that you can use for many things. You can make jewelry, art, paper, fabric and more with these beads. You can find these beads easily online where they sell white clay bead bracelets and other white clay beads.

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