Fast Shipping to Non Continental USA Locations and Other Countries

In Short:

If you would like free expedited shipping with USD150+ orders, please pay your own customs taxes, if it applies. If you don't message us about it, we will ship your order with standard free shipping, not expedited, to prevent possible taxes. 


A more detailed version:

Our prices are tax-excluded. When we ship your order with expedited shipping to non-continental USA locations or other countries, customs authorities may possibly charge tax on UPS, and FedEx shipments.

So we don't pay tax, otherwise, we wouldn't be able to offer our prices. To prevent it, we would ship with standard shipping. Delivery would take around 15 days after dispatch to Canada with standard free shipping.

If your order is USD150 or more, we can still ship your order with free expedited shipping however we kindly ask you to pay your own taxes, if it applies.

By default, we use standard shipping, please let us know if you prefer to get free expedited shipping which you would pay for possible taxes.

All-inclusive free expedited shipping is valid for the continental USA only, as no tax is required.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.