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Clay Beads

Various Type Clay Beads with Rhinestones, Random mix

Various Type Clay Beads with Rhinestones, Random mix

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Clay beads have become an extremely popular jewelry-making component in recent years, allowing crafters to create unique and custom designs. One fun and creative way to use our various type clay beads with rhinestones , random mix is by incorporating a random assortment with rhinestones. The use of our rhinestones beads for jewelry making adds beautiful sparkle and visual interest.

Working with a random mix of clay bead

When working with various types clay beads with rhinestones , random mix , the design possibilities are endless. You can string the beads together in no particular pattern to create a playful, eclectic look. Or you can deliberately place certain bead shapes and colors next to each other to make coordinated groupings along the length of the piece.

Clay beads in various shapes

The clay beads themselves come in all shades, sizes, and shapes like disks, rectangles, triangles, circles, squares, hearts, flowers, animals, and more. Tiny crystal rhinestones beads offer tons of detailing options. Large hole beads can alternate with smaller beads for contrast and variety. You also have myriad choices with rhinestones from crystal clear, to jet black, bright ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, and more. The flat rhinestones beads range from tiny pinpricks to large oval, marquis, round, princess, and other cuts lending loads of shine.

Clay beads with rhinestones

When you are working with the mixture of our various types clay beads with rhinestones ,random mix  you never know exactly what combinations you’ll create next. This makes for super fun jewelry pieces that are completely one-of-a-kind. You can create perfect color coordination or funky eclectic pieces – whichever you’re in the mood for. Both long single or double strand necklaces and chunky bracelets of rhinestones  work wonderfully with mixes of clay beads and rhinestones for show-stopping accessories. The possibilities are infinite with these versatile and visually appealing jewelry components.


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