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Teddy Bear Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones, 30mm, ZY

Teddy Bear Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones, 30mm, ZY

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Teddy bear clay beads have become a popular crafting material lately, allowing crafters to add a cute and playful touch to their jewelry and accessories. One newly released product that takes these cute beads to the next level is the Teddy Bear Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones ,30mm  ZY.
These good looking teddy bear beads are handmade from air-dry clay and hand painted, giving each bead a unique character and charm. The clay beads are shaped into chubby teddy bear shapes, complete with little ears, smiles, and bow ties. Tiny clear crystal rhinestones are embedded into the clay for added sparkle and shine.

Feature of teddy bear clay beads

 Each bead measures approximately 30mm wide, making them a substantial focal point bead perfect for statement necklaces and bracelets.
Crafters are loving these teddy bear beads with crystal rhinestones , 30 mm , ZY for their sweet personality and high quality clay construction. The clay is lightweight but durable, and the rhinestone accents dress up the beads for a hint of glam. They can be used on stretch cord or chain to create charm bracelets and necklaces with instant cute factor.

Neutral cream clay
 The neutral cream clay also serves as a versatile background for other colorful beads and charms.
In addition to jewelry pieces, crafters are also using our ZY teddy bear beads for bag charms, keychains, ornament crafting, and any project that could use a touch of fuzzy, sparkly charm. The rhinestones make them just dressy enough for adult projects, while still retaining a playful, youthful look.

Quality of teddy clay beads

For those looking for an easy way to add some delightfully cute yet unique style to their handmade jewelry and crafts, our Teddy Bear Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones 30mm  ZY are a great new bead to have in your collection. Their darling style, quality construction, and versatility give handmade designs an adorable character that’s sure to charm.

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