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Clay Beads

Striped Square Clay Beads with Bear & crown , 19mm

Striped Square Clay Beads with Bear & crown , 19mm

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Striped square clay beads with bear and crown measuring 19mm are a unique and eye-catching accessory that can be used to make jewelry or other crafts projects. These clay beads feature stripes in beautiful colors like blue, yellow, red, and green against a white background. Embedded on each bead is the raised image of a bear wearing a crown, adding joyful flair.

Striped square clay beads review

 Recently there was a chance to review some of these 19mm striped square clay beads with the bear and crown design. The size of Striped Square Clay Beads with Bear & crown , 19mm is durable. Our beads are big and pretty, but they are not heavy or hard to wear. They have stripes that are very colorful, and each bead looks different. They have a picture of a bear and a crown that is very cute and nice. The beads are made of clay that is shiny and smooth, and it makes the colors and stripes look even better.

Striped square clay beads in projects

In terms of using our striped clay beads for jewelry or other projects, the possibilities are endless. The 19mm size lends itself well to chunky bead bracelets and eye-catching statement necklaces. The colors and playful bear crown design are versatile enough to coordinate with casual daytime outfits or evening wear. Crafters could also use our Striped Square Clay Beads with Bear & crown , 19mm  beads to embellish handbags, pouches, decorative boxes, and more by gluing them into fun patterns or designs.

Quality and visual appeal

We guarantee that you shall be impressed with the high quality and visual appeal of our Striped square clay beads with bear & crown 19mm. The lovely colors, bear crown embellishment, and  size come together to make them more than just ordinary beads. They have personality and style that will capture attention. Whether working them into handmade jewelry or craft projects, these clay beads deliver when you’re seeking to add a unique decorative touch. The stripes, colors, and embedded design result in versatility, allowing the beads to become beautiful showstoppers while also coordinating well with other beads and materials in endless creative applications.

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