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Clay Beads

Striped Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones, 14mm

Striped Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones, 14mm

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Enhance your jewelry designs with Striped Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestone 14mm. Our unique and attractive beads feature clay cubes covered in diagonal stripes and dotted with glittering clear rhinestones. Measuring 14mm wide, our strip cube clay beads make a bold yet elegant statement in bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more.

Structure of beads

Our beads are made of a clay that is light and strong. They have different colors of stripes on them. You can pick our beads with black and white stripes, blue and purple stripes, rainbow stripes and more. They will look nice with your other beads and your style. The stripes are very neat and they make the beads look fun and different. You can also do anything you want with the clay. You can make holes, change the shape, or play with it like normal clay. You can be very creative with our beads.

High quality rhinestones

Adding next-level shine there are our four clear rhinestones embedded into each bead, one at each corner. As the beads move and catch the light, these high-quality rhinestones reflect and sparkle beautifully. The stylish yet subtle presence of our striped cube clay beads with rhinestones , 14 mm enhances any beadwork design with eye-catching brilliance.

For all kind of jewelry

Our beads are very pretty and shiny. They have stripes on them that look fun. You can use them for many things like making jewelry. You can make bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more with our beads. You can also stick them on your hair things to make them sparkle. Our beads are also great when you mix them with other crafts like weaving, wrapping, or knotting.

Let your creativity shine by adding versatile dazzle to any jewelry or beading project with these Striped Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones , 14mm . With endless stripe colors available in a standard 14mm bead size, it’s easy to find the perfect beads to complete your eye-catching designs .And these perfect beads are available at our site. Our product is completely adorable and attractive .You shall find the best you want.

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