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Clay Beads

Strawberry Clay Beads with Rhinestones, 18mm by 16.5mm, ZY

Strawberry Clay Beads with Rhinestones, 18mm by 16.5mm, ZY

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Strawberry Clay Beads with Rhinestones are a fun and colorful addition to any jewelry project. Our beads from ZY measure 18mm by 16.5mm, making them an ideal size for statement pieces. The strawberry shape and texture paired with sparkling rhinestones gives these clay beads lots of personality.

DIY jewelry makers and crafters

Clay beads like these strawberry ones are popular choices for DIY jewelry makers and crafters. The best place to buy beads for jewelry making is shops that specialize in jewelry supplies, as they will have the biggest selection at affordable prices. Look for retailers that sell individual styles like these Strawberry Clay Beads with rhinestones , 18mm by 16.5mm , ZY so you can buy as many or as few as needed for your designs. Besides standard round and shaped beads, mini letter beads and block letter beads allow you to spell out names, words, and phrases.

Rhinestones encircling beads

The rhinestones encircling our strawberry beads catch the light beautifully. For more shine, consider pairing Strawberry Clay Beads with Rhinestones , 18mm by 16.5 mm , ZY with sterling silver number beads or gold filled beads in your pieces. Both sterling and gold filled metals are quality options for jewelry making and pair nicely with brightly colored clay beads. Gold filled beads bulk can often be purchased in bulk for cost savings.
The red clay strawberry beads would also complement other red beads like vermeil or Swarovski crystal. Vermeil beads wholesale mix sterling silver with 14k gold overlay to achieve beautiful shine and depth of color. Our beads can typically be purchased wholesale, which helps when making lots of jewelry. Swarovski crystals are the finest quality Austrian crystals, perfect for adding more sparkle.

Strawberry shape and glittering rhinestones

With their yummy strawberry shape and glittering rhinestones, these ZY clay beads are sure to delight. Strawberry Clay Beads with Rhinestones , 18mm by 16.5 mm , ZY make charming focal points in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Pair them with metals like sterling silver or gold filled beads, mini letters beads, vermeil beads wholesale, and sparkling crystals for sweet, fruitful designs.

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