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Clay Beads

Ombre Color Heart Clay Beads with Rhinestones, Random Mix

Ombre Color Heart Clay Beads with Rhinestones, Random Mix

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These heart clay beads have a colorful ombre look that fades from one bright color to another, such as pink, purple, blue, and more. They also have a shiny rhinestone in the middle of each bead for more sparkle. The beads are about 13mm in size and have a 2mm hole, so you can easily use them with leather cords, wire, silk ribbons, and more.

Porcelain-like smooth surface


These clay beads are light and strong, and they feel smooth like porcelain. They have different colors that fade into each other, which makes them look very pretty and interesting. The beads come in a 240-gram bag with many different colors and patterns. Each bead is unique, so you can make your own special jewelry .Our ombre color heart clay beads with rhinestones ,random mix ensures you get a wide variety of shades to work with in your designs.

Omber color heart clay beads in jewelry

In our jewelry pieces, combine our Ombre Color Heart Clay Beads with rhinestones random mix other complementary beads like solid colors, metallic, semi-precious stones, Czech glass, and more. For example, alternate pink and purple ombre beads with shiny silver spacer beads on a necklace. Or use blue ombre beads as the centerpiece charm on a multi strand bracelet.
With their strong hues, subtle color gradients, and eye-catching rhinestones, Ombre Color Heart Clay Beads with Rhinestones , Random Mix can take your beaded jewelry to the next level. Their smooth clay material makes them comfortable to wear while their random mix of colors keeps your designs fresh and exciting.
Use our ombre color heart clay beads in your jewelry and other ideas to have a next level and adorable results.

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