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Clay Beads

Ombre Color Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones

Ombre Color Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones

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Ombre Color Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones are a fun and trendy crafting component that allow you to add a pop of color and shine to your jewelry, scrapbooking projects, mixed media art, and more. As the name suggests, these unique beads feature an ombre effect, transitioning gradually between three complementary colors in a faceted cube shape.

Colorful gradient 

The ombre color palette gives these beads a colorful gradient look that provides visual interest and depth. The cube shape also catches and reflects light beautifully, showing off the ombre colors. Each bead measures approximately 18mm, large enough to make a statement yet still mix and match well with other beads and elements.
The cube beads are made from lightweight and durable polymer clay that can be painted, sanded, drilled, and glazed to achieve different looks. The inclusion of shiny Ombre Color Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones  on each visible side adds extra bling and radiance, allowing the beads to shimmer as they catch the light.

Embellishing all kinds of jewelry and accessories 

Crafters love embellishing all kinds of jewelry and accessories with these multifaceted polymer clay beads. The ombre cube beads make perfect focal points for necklaces, chunky bracelets, keychains, phone straps, and more. Their unique shape also makes them ideal as spacer beads to add striking color between other beads in patterns. Beyond jewelry, the beads can be used to decorate hats, shoes, handbags, notebooks, vases, candles, and any other craft project needing a dash of pizzazz.
Vibrant, versatile, and customizable, Ombre Color Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones deliver eye-catching results for all kinds of arts, crafts, fashion, and DIY projects. Their gradient colors, faceted shape, and touch of sparkle give creations shine and depth with an on-trend ombre style.

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