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Clay Beads

Mouse Head Clay Beads with Rhinestones

Mouse Head Clay Beads with Rhinestones

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Mouse Head Clay Beads with Rhinestones are a fun and creative craft component to make jewelry and accessories. Our beads are made of lightweight air-dry clay formed into the shape of a cute mouse head complete with ears and facial details. The best part is they come with tiny rhinestone eyes to give them extra sparkle and personality.
With our Mouse Head Clay Beads with Rhinestones you can let your imagination run wild designing mouse-themed jewelry pieces. String them together to make a mouse charm bracelet or necklace. Or use them as charms on keychains, zipper pulls, handbag straps, and more. They also make great embellishments for greeting cards, scrapbooks, craft wreaths, and other paper crafts projects.

Handmade artisan style

The details and expressions on our mouse heads make each bead totally unique. No two will look exactly the same, which adds to their handmade artisan style. The rhinestone eyes catch and reflect light beautifully to draw attention. Choose beads with pink rhinestones for a girly look or blue rhinestones for a boyish style.

Beads charm in jewelry and craft projects

It’s easy to put together eye-catching designs with Mouse Head Clay Beads with Rhinestones using simple jewelry components like headpins, eye pins, jump rings, and lobster clasps along with crimp beads and beading wire. Let our play and joyful mouse heads charm their way into jewelry collections and craft projects for kids and adults alike. We are sure to spark creativity as well as lots of compliments for your handiwork.
The lightweight air-dry clay is durable to withstand daily wear. Just seal finished pieces with acrylic spray to make the playful mouse head beads last for years to come. With endless design options, Mouse Head Clay Beads with Rhinestones make the perfect foundation for homemade jewelry, accessories, and crafts full of personality.

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