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Clay Beads

Large Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones and Artificial Pearls, 28 mm x 20 mm, FF

Large Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones and Artificial Pearls, 28 mm x 20 mm, FF

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Large Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones and Artificial Pearls 28 mm x 20 mm FF add a touch of elegance to any jewelry or craft project. These substantial 28mm x 20mm beads feature a smooth, round clay base encrusted with an assortment of sparkling 12mm rhinestone beads and 20mm rhinestone beads and artificial pearls.
Our rhinestones come in clear, jet black, bright crystal, and aurora borealis finishes that catch and reflect light beautifully. The artificial pearls have a luminous cream luster and smooth texture that contrasts nicely with the faceted shine of the rhinestones. Using both rhinestones and pearls gives these beads great visual interest and depth.

Large clay beads for designs

These Large Clay Beads with crystal rhinestones and artificial pearls 28mm x 20mm , FF are perfect for statement jewelry designs. Thread them onto bracelets, necklaces, or earrings for eye-catching emphasis and drama. They also make unique focal points for holiday ornaments, home decor crafts, wedding accessories, and more. Use them singly as showstopping accents or cluster multiples together for bold impact.
The substantial 28mm x 20mm size gives these beads great presence. Their large holes make them easy to string and incorporate into all types of jewelry and embellishment projects. The smooth round shape of Large Clay Beads and Artificial Pearls , 28 mm by 20 mm creates a unified background that beautifully shows off the assorted rhinestone and pearl embellishments.

Qualities of large rhinestone beads

You can find these and other clay beads with rhinestone and pearl embellishments at wholesale prices online. Search for “20mm rhinestone beads” or “20mm rhinestone beads wholesale” to access a wide selection of sizes, colors, and styles to suit any project. With quality, affordability and visual impact, these Large Clay Beads are a crafter’s dream.

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