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Clay Beads

Double Color Cube Clay Beads, Random Mix 14mm

Double Color Cube Clay Beads, Random Mix 14mm

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Add a pop of color to your jewelry designs with Double Color Cube Clay Beads,14 mm random mix. These fun and funky 14mm beads come in a random assortment of two-tone colors featuring a unique cube shape. Handmade from high quality clay, each bead offers a vibrant color combination such as purple and yellow, blue and green, orange and pink and more.
Our Double Color Cube Clay Beads, Random Mix 14mm are perfect for jewelry designs where you want to add eye-catching variety. Mix and match the two-tone colors for a rainbow effect or create coordinated pieces with coordinating shades throughout. The cube shape gives dimension and interest to each bead as well.

 Highly versatile for stringing and wire wrapping projects

With both a hole in the center and on the side of each cube, our beads are highly versatile for stringing and wire wrapping projects. Use head pins or eye pins to attach the Double Color Cube Clay Beads, Random Mix 14mm to chain, cord or other base materials or string them simply on stretch cord or beading wire for easy DIY bracelets, necklaces and more.

Ensure quality

Double Color Cube Clay Beads 14 mm ,random mix are proudly handmade with care in small batches to ensure quality. Each batch contains random assortments of two-tone colors beyond basic primaries, like lavender and mint, coral and teal, coffee and cream, and more. With no two batches exactly alike, you can order multiple sets of these beads without worrying about receiving duplicates within a single order.

Perfect for both hobbyists and professionals

At 14mm in size, these beads make a statement in your designs without overshadowing other elements. Pair Double Color Cube Clay Beads, Random Mix 14mm with metallic beads, crystals, chains and charms to achieve elegant and bohemian styles. You can do so much with these cheap but beautiful beads. Make your jewelry look amazing with our 14mm Cube Clay Beads in Two Colors. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will love our cube beads. They will be a great addition to your bead collection.

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