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Clay Beads

Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones 14mm

Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones 14mm

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Our cube clay beads are 14mm in size and have rhinestones embedded in them. They are very popular for making jewelry and crafts. Our beads have a unique shape and shine that make them look great in necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and more. You can use these cube beads to add some flair to your projects.

 Visual interest and textural contrast 

At 14mm, these clay beads strike an ideal balance between small and large sizes. The mid-range scale of our Cube Clay beads with Rhinestones 14mm allows them to be incorporated as spacious focal points or as supporting design elements. The cube shape of the beads makes them look interesting and different from the round beads in a project. The beads have many flat sides that let you adjust how they fit when you string them or wrap them.

Hues and shapes to align with the clay bead’s color

Our cube beads come in solid colors or transparent ones that show the rhinestones inside. The crystal gems inside the beads make them sparkle and glow. They turn a simple clay bead into a bright decoration. The rhinestones have different colors and shapes that match or contrast with the clay bead’s color.

Craft wire and leather cords

Craft wire and leather cords work well for stringing our Cube Clay Beads with Rhinestones 14mm

The beads have holes that fit most kinds of strings. You can easily attach clasps and jump rings to these clay beads. The 14mm size is also very fashionable for making big necklaces and bracelets with many beads.

Innovation for crafters

Our cube beads have a faceted clay shape and shiny rhinestones that make them versatile for crafting. You can use these beautiful beads to make different kinds of jewelry and home decorations. Their shine, shape, and flexibility establish Clay Cube Beads with Rhinestones 14mm as a staple in many creators’ supply stocks.

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