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Clay Beads

Butterfly Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones, Random Mix Color, FW

Butterfly Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones, Random Mix Color, FW

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Add a touch of whimsy and shine to your jewelry designs with Butterfly Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones ,FW . Our charming beads come in a random assortment of colors and styles for lots of variety.

Each bead has a clay butterfly on top of a round base. People make each butterfly by hand, and they make them look real with small things like wings, antennas and legs. Every butterfly is different, and every bead has its own character.

Sparkling crystal rhinestones

These beads are more beautiful because of the shiny crystal rhinestones on them. The stones have many sides to make them more bright and colorful. The beads have different crystal colors like clear, pink, blue or yellow. The rhinestones look great with the clay. You can do many things with these beads. You can make a fun bracelet or necklace with them. Or you can put some beads together to make earrings. Or you can use one bead as a decoration on a chain, bag or key. The butterflies are very pretty.

Versatility of butterfly clay beads

Butterfly Clay Beads with crystal rhinestones , random mix , FW offer versatility for all types of jewelry designs. Their vibrant colors and textures inject whimsical style into boho, classic, romantic and modern pieces. Surround the butterflies with other complementary beads or let them shine as the stars of your creation.
Bring a touch of nature's beauty to your handmade jewelry with Butterfly Clay Beads with Crystal Rhinestones, random mix , FW. These charming beads will capture attention wherever they flutter.


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