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Clay Beads

Clay Beads with Rhinestones, 18mm

Clay Beads with Rhinestones, 18mm

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These are 18mm clay beads with shiny stones on them. They are fun and simple to make things with. You can use them for jewelry, clothes, bags, or hang them up. The clay is soft and light, and the stones are bright. You can do many things with these beads.

Showcasing dazzling rhinestones

Polymer clay is an air dry modeling compound that comes in a rainbow of colors. It can be shaped by hand without needing a kiln to set. The smooth, non-porous surface of Clay Beads with Rhinestones ,18mm makes an ideal base for showcasing dazzling rhinestones. These machine cut glass gems have multiple facets to maximize light refraction and shine. The brightness of our clay bead with rhinestones , 18 mm draws the eye while complementing the vivid hues of the polymer clay.

Package for crafters , artisans and jewelry

Clay beads with rhinestones 18mm wholesale packs are perfect for crafters, artisans, and jewelry makers looking for components in larger quantities. Tubes contain dozens of beads in an array of colors ready to be transformed into unique pieces. Bulk bead assortments are economical ways to purchase materials for selling finished products in a retail boutique or online handmade shop.

Customized with rhinestones

With some simple tools like a bead hole punch, liquid polymer clay, and jewelry pliers, plain polymer beads can be customized with rhinestones. Position Clay Beads with Rhinestones 18mm in floral patterns, concentric circles, or alternating layouts using a thin layer of liquid clay to attach. Let fully cure overnight before stringing or incorporating into projects. Spark joy by unleashing creativity with clay beads and rhinestones!

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