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Clay Beads

Clay Beads Rhinestone Spacers 12mm by 7mm

Clay Beads Rhinestone Spacers 12mm by 7mm

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Clay beads rhinestone spacers 12mm by 7mm are a versatile jewelry making supply that can add eye-catching sparkle to necklaces, bracelets, and more. These spacers measure 12mm by 7mm, making them a nice medium size that works well in a variety of designs.
The main appeal of these spacers lies in their shimmering rhinestones. The spacers feature a line of colorful crystal rhinestones in shades like clear, jet black, light Colorado topaz, and more. The rhinestones catch and reflect light beautifully, lending any piece of jewelry dazzling pops of shine.

 Attractive neutral backdrop

But clay beads rhinestone spacers offer more than just sparkle. The Clay Beads Rhinestone Spacers 12mm by 7mm are made from lightweight yet durable clay. Clay provides an attractive neutral backdrop that doesn’t compete visually with the rhinestones, instead letting them take center stage. At the same time, quality clay construction gives the spacers strength and structure to stand up through years of wear.

Alternate spacers with clusters 

When designing with clay beads rhinestone spacers, creatives have many options. Our spacers’ rectangular shape makes them perfect for separating focal beads or charms. Designers Clay Beads Rhinestone Spacers 12mm by 7mm can also alternate spacers with clusters of small beads for visual interest. For bangles and chunky bracelets, spacers add eye-catching stacks of shine. Or use them singly as pendant focal points. With an abundance of versatile applications, it’s no wonder clay beads rhinestone spacers are jewelry maker must-haves.
So when looking to make jewelry sparkle, turn to the effortless shine of our Clay Beads Rhinestone Spacers 12mm by 7mm. In 12 by 7mm sizing punctuated by dazzling rhinestones, these spacers guarantee show stopping shimmer design after design.

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