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Clay Beads

Bling Bling Sparkling Clay Beads with Acrylic Rhinestones, 8mm

Bling Bling Sparkling Clay Beads with Acrylic Rhinestones, 8mm

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Add some extra sparkle and shine to your jewelry and craft projects with Bling Bling Sparkling Clay Beads with Acrylic Rhinestones, 8 mm. Our fun and flashy 8mm beads feature a lightweight clay construction embedded with tiny rhinestones that catch and reflect light beautifully. Whether you're making bracelets, necklaces, keychains or other accessories, these beads make perfect focal points.

Range of metallic shades

These sparkling clay beads come in different colors like silver, pink gold, and old gold. They are smooth and round, and they fit in well with any style from cool to classy. You can use these beads with other things like gems, glass, crystals or more, and the shiny stones on them make them colorful and bright. These beads also have a metal pin inside each hole, so they don’t break easily when you string them. They are 8mm big, which is a good size, and they go well with other beads like small beads, spacers, letter beads and more.. With strong adhesive properties, Our Bling Bling Sparkling Clay Beads Acrylic Rhinestone Beads,8mm hold up well to daily wear without losing stones.

DIY beaded accessories

When working on DIY beaded accessories, Bling Bling Sparkling Clay with Acrylic Rhinestones, 8mm offers an easy way to add major visual appeal. Both kids and adults will have fun using these beads for endless jewelry projects or even decorating hair clips, mirrors, vases and candles. Affordably priced, a single multi-pack contains enough beads for multiple pieces. Gift some blinged-out accessories or display your own sparkling creations. These glittering clay beads infused with rhinestones shiny punch wherever displayed.

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